The TPO roofing materials applied by SWAT are formulated using the most innovative technology available to the roofing industry! Designed to allow maximum flexibility and pliability upon installation. Our TPO roofing systems are helping business owners just like you to protect their investments from extreme weather conditions. TPO is an economical choice when compared to a similar material like PVC. They share benefits such as energy efficiency and seams that are easily welded by hot-air, except TPO comes at a lower cost. TPO roofing systems are used in low slope single-ply roofing systems and are a mixture of polypropylene (plastic) and ethylene-propylene (rubber). The combination of rubber and plastic greatly enhances reliability, flexibility and as mentioned above is cost effective. Made with an ultra-violet resistant thermoplastic polyolefin and reinforced with a polyester fabric, these single-ply roofing systems are available in several variations of thickness. This durable application can also resist tears, punctures, impacts, mold growth and dirt accumulation.